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Lori graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design with a concentration in Architecture and Urban Planning. She began her career with the Denver Urban Renewal Authority dedicated to neighborhood revitalization and redevelopment. She has been involved in public and private collaborations of real estate sales and community development which serves as the core foundation of Lori’s background. Lori's training in real estate, neighborhood revitalization/development, leadership, and sales has created an understanding for the multiple facets of business including residential and commercial real estate. She and her husband who is a commercial real estate broker, are also investors and knows firsthand what it takes to acquire, and sell real estate successfully.

As a REALTOR® and personally, Lori has bought, owned and sold both investment properties and residences for the last 15 years. She understands the benefits of using real estate investments as a vehicle to build long-term financial stability and sustainable wealth through passive income. Lori specializes in creative negotiations and leveraging assets.

Lori is a professional speaker and consultant in the area of diversity and inclusion and also speaks on heart disease for the American Heart Association.