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DMAR  Districts

With a growing membership, having a presence at a local level is crucial in creating worthwhile change & sharing neighborhood pride. Districts support DMAR’s mission, encourage local participation, and promote growth & unity for our membership in their respective communities. Each district provides outstanding local networking, education opportunities, and professional development through meetings, events, advocacy initiatives and community outreach. 

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In order to create a vibrant district culture, we need volunteers who are dedicated to advancing the industry, and care about their neighborhood and community. Districts offer a unique opportunity for members to connect with peers in local areas, sharpen their skills with programs & education and hone their leadership abilities.  

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DMAR Committees

DMAR Committees are issue-focused teams of dedicated members that help guide and drive our Association. With expertise and commitment, they help address issues to achieve common goals. It’s a fantastic opportunity for members to assume leadership positions within DMAR, connect with industry influencers, and grow their clout.  

How to get involved?

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The Power of Community

Share wisdom, struggles, successes, and mutual vision to enhance your community and the real estate industry as a whole. 

Districts will redefine the way we connect with our members, and how members connect with us. We're excited to build a platform that allows local engagement and collaboration. Our goal is to empower our members with tools and resources that they can use to create tangible change in their communities and neighborhoods. Making sure that we touch every member, no matter the geographical location, is instrumental for DMAR. We're looking forward to achieving that with our district program!

Laura Ruch, 2015-2016 Chairwoman of the Board