Online Education FAQ

1. How do I receive CE credit for an online class?

  • The CE certificates are automatically generated by the delivery system once the class is completed.

2. Once I begin an online class, is there a time limit that I must complete it by?

  • Yes, in order to receive CE credit an online course must be completed within 6 months from the start date.

3. Once I complete an online class, will I still have access to it?

  • Yes, once you purchase an online class you have the opportunity to access that course for 6 months.

4. What computer system is recommended for taking online classes?

  • The system is designed to accommodate all systems.
  • The system is also compatible with wireless portable devices.

5. Are there any downloadable resources to accompany online classes?

  • Each online class includes both a student handout(s) and PowerPoint presentation.

6. What should I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties with an online class?

  • IT support is available through the vendor and additional support through the online school.

7. Am I able to able to ask the instructor questions while taking an online class?

  • Yes, the online class includes a number of resources, including an IM feature on the player.
  • Instructors also provide their contact number or information to students.

Additional Questions?