Did you Claim Your .REALTOR Domain?

On Oct. 23, National Association of REALTORS® members will be able to snatch up a .REALTOR domain to better brand and connect their business to real estate on the Internet.

Carve Out Your Internet Space

How to Claim Your Domain on Oct. 23

Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name

Web Domain Choices Grow as Digital Real Estate Expands

NAR Wins Rights to ‘.Realestate’ Domain 

NAR is providing one free .REALTOR domain for one year to the first 500,000 members who register for one. Additional .REALTOR domains can also be purchased at that time. The domains will become available at 11 a.m. EDT on Oct. 23.

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In 2011, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — ICANN — approved expansion of new generic, top-level domains, besides just the common ones like .com and .net currently available.

NAR sought to provide its members a chance to link their names and brand with the .REALTOR domain. In other words, your home on the Internet can become “JohnSmith.REALTOR” instead of just “”

“.REALTOR creates a name space for REALTORS® on the Internet,” according to NAR. “It allows you and your agents to be instantly branded as real estate experts consumers can trust.”

The .REALTOR domains will be available starting at $39.95 per year, with multiyear and multidomain discounts available. Brokers and agents in the United States will also receive a free® profile website that can be customized to promote your listings, social media, client recommendations, and more.

Visit www.about.REALTOR for more information, or claim your domain on Oct. 23 atwww.claim.REALTOR.

Source: National Association of REALTORS®

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Advocacy Efforts Pay Big Dividends: Lakewood Passes Construction-Defects Reform

construction-workers-60585_640On Monday, October 13th, the City of Lakewood became the first municipality in the Metro Area to pass an ordinance that changes the state’s current construction-defects law. It’s no secret that lawsuits stemming from construction-defects have driven developers away from producing for-sale condo product in Colorado. The passage of this ordinance will hopefully mark the first in a series of steps to reform a system that has left many Metro Area communities with an extreme imbalance in their housing portfolios.

The ordinance, which was approved by a 7-4 vote, seeks to remove some of the risk developers face when building owner-occupied condominium units. More specifically, the legislation has three main components:

  1. Requires that “informed consent” be obtained from the majority of owners in a HOA before claims are made against builders or developers. It should be noted that only “non-declarant” homeowners are included in this notification, thus a builder who still owns units would not be asked whether or not to sue itself.

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Video: What Consumers Want From You

knoll team video

Do you know what consumers want from a real estate agent? Sure, you might have a pretty good idea — but why not take it from them?

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Upcoming DMAR Events | Oct. 27 – 31




Here is an updated calendar of upcoming networking events and education for this week.

EDUCATION: Investments for Self-directed IRA’s

WHEN: October 28 | 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: DMAR West Office | 950 Wadsworth Boulevard, Denver CO 80222

WHY: Knowing about IRA real estate investing is important for REALTORS® in two ways:  expanding your business and benefiting your personal retirement strategy.  The majority of retirement investors are unaware that IRAs can directly invest in real estate.  This workshop gives the real estate professional a comprehensive understanding of self-directed IRA real estate investing.      





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