10 Reasons You Need a Social Media Refresher

Are you using social media to build your brand, forge professional connections and relationships, and market your real estate business? Maybe you have Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business and post a few times a week, but if your company doesn't have a unified social media strategy, your online presence will be scattered and ineffective. When the competition is fierce, having a powerful social media presence can have a real impact on your business. Here are ten reasons why you need a social media refresher: 

1. Social media is always changing.

Whether you checked your social media accounts yesterday or two weeks ago, you can be sure that things have already changed in your network! If you don't set up a social media schedule that keeps your organization current, you'll be behind on the latest events, hot-button news issues, and best practices for real estate. Because you are a trusted resource for your clients, you can't afford to be behind on what could impact them and impact your business.

Beyond the actual updates in content, social media companies also make frequent changes to layout and design choices, permissions, platforms, etc. By staying current, you'll be on top of the next iteration of Facebook Messenger, the newest policies for Twitter ads, the brand new company making waves, etc. 

2. There are tools and resources you might not know about that help you stay up-to-date.

As quickly as social media changes, the tools and resources that help you master social media change too! Do you know about platforms that let you schedule posts in the future and follow analytics like Hootsuite? What about tools that manage your email subscriptions like Unroll.me? There's a whole world of resources waiting at your fingertips, so that you can spend less time managing change and more time crafting incredible posts/tweets/etc. 

3. There's more to social media than Facebook and Twitter. 

Though you're probably familiar with these two popular social media sites, there's other sites out there that you can use to boost your business! Network with peers, colleagues and influencers and join professional groups that are geared towards real estate on LinkedIn. Share dynamic photos of your listings that allow your clients to engage using Instagram. Showcase the personality of neighborhoods where your listings are, or connect with clients by sharing useful tutorials, tips and tricks on Pinterest. 

4. Social media isn't just about connecting with your consumers; it's about influencers! 

Connecting with consumers on social media is a great way to build your brand, share properties, and communicate with people instantly as their needs arise. But social media isn't just about connecting with past or potential clients. It is the ideal way to network with industry influencers! From big associations like NAR, CAR and DMAR to other REALTORS® in your area or affiliates you trust, social media is a way to keep current connections strong. It's also the best option for connecting with influencers you may not have the opportunity to meet in person, like Chris Polycron, president of NAR, or Inman News writers. 

5. Social media security and maintenance practices require your vigilance. 

Security policies are constantly changing on social media, and if you're not up-to-date, you may not know the best ways to keep your information safe. From changing settings on Facebook to control who can see what you've shared to making your Google accounts verifiable through your phone number, there's a thousand different ways to keep yourself safe. 

6. Social media analytics are more important than you think. 

In the world of social media, not all content is equal. If you aren't using the latest analytics, how do you know which posts are resonating with your followers? There's such a wide variety of analytic tools available, from the ones offered by social media sites themselves to independent apps. You need to know how to use these in order to make a social media plan for your organization with impact! 

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