We appreciate your interest in becoming an instructor. Our instructors play a pivotal role in our PEAK (Premiere Education and Knowledge) Program and we thank you for your commitment and passion.

Instructor Requirements

As a PEAK Instructor, you'll be at the forefront of our professional development program and play a key role in the Realtor® community. Here's what we expect from our esteemed instructors:

  • Versatility: Must be open to teaching both in person and via Zoom, ensuring accessibility for all learners.
  • Tech-Savviness: Proficiency with the Zoom platform is required, to ensure seamless delivery of content and engagement with students.
  • Engagement: Instructors are asked to create dynamic one to two-minute videos for marketing purposes, showcasing the essence of your class(es) to help attract attendees.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Before final approval, present a compelling 10 to 15-minute presentation to one DMAR Committee, demonstrating your expertise and passion for your subject matter.

To get started, please complete an Instructor Application and submit a brief bio and your resume via email to Lisa Kallweit at lkallweit@dmarealtors.com


Apply here


Proposing a New Course?

Do you have a new course you'd like to add to our curriculum? We're eager to hear about it! If you're proposing a new course, please send the following items to lkallweit@dmarealtors.com after submitting an application:

  • A detailed, timed outline outlining the structure and flow of your proposed course.
  • Comprehensive course materials that will serve as the backbone of your teaching.
  • A detailed description of the course, elucidating its objectives and the transformative impact it will have on our learners.
  • Your vision could be the catalyst for our next breakthrough offering, enriching the lives and careers of countless individuals in our community.

By becoming a PEAK instructor we invite you to join us in shaping the future of Realtor® education. Together, let's reach new peaks of excellence.