Industry Partners

Opportunities to grow your business & connect with the largest real estate community in the Denver metro area.

As an Industry Partner, you get to enjoy a multitude of networking and professional development opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. As with anything, your membership is what you make of it. The more you utilize our resources and engage in our committees, programs and networking events, the more you’ll increase your contacts and grow your business.

    Your annual investment helps fund all of the benefits you get to enjoy including:

    • An opportunity to create a profile to be included in our online Industry Partner Directory.
    • The chance to submit guest blog posts that highlight your expertise which are published on DMAR’s award-winning site, which averages 30,000 pageviews a month.
    • Plenty of sponsorship opportunities including annual packages, one-off exposure at classes or events or sponsored emails sent to a list of nearly 13,500+ subscribers with an average open rate of 30% - well above the industry average of 19.67%. Ability to promote your business to 8,000+ Realtors® at a reasonable monthly rate and attract a robust, yet targeted, audience through website ads on the DMAR website.
    • Access to a nationally recognized monthly market trends report.
    • Discounts on rental spaces ideal for events, classes and trainings.
    • Discounted tickets to DMAR events.
    • Downloadable resources to share with clients and help grow your business.
    • Political advocacy efforts led by a full-time Government Affairs Director who is protecting and promoting the real estate industry every day.
    • An affordable cost-sharing healthcare plan available for you and your family.

    Learn more about your member benefits, here.

    Industry Partners dedicated to creating connections that elevate their business.
    Realtor® members dedicated to creating connections that elevate their business.
    Sponsorship opportunities throughout the year to help expand your network & grow your business.

    Industry Partner Checklist

    Create your Industry Partner profile, here. All Industry Partners receive a dedicated profile in our online Industry Partner Directory, which Realtors® and other members frequently search to find services in their area.​

    Promote yourself. As an Industry Partner, you have access to sponsorship opportunities, web ads, sponsored emails and guest blogging. These are great ways to associate your business with a reliable industry leader and reach a robust and highly targeted audience of real estate professionals. For questions, please contact Sarah Goode, DMAR's Director of Marketing & Communications, at sgoode@dmarealtors.com.

    Get involved. Check out the DMAR calendar to view classes, events and meetings you can attend and/or sponsor. The more DMAR functions you attend, the more worthwhile your membership will be for your business.

    Your Guide to the Industry Partner Program

    Join our vibrant, success-driven community and discover opportunities that will impact your business.