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We are always searching for quality information to share with our members, and if you have useful knowledge to spread, we’d like to help you get it out there.

As a guest writer, you have a platform to develop your brand image and flex your expertise on a subject. DMAR is the trusted voice of real estate in the Denver metro area and being in association with that voice gives you credibility and authority.

Contributing articles to our award-winning website will also amp up your search engine optimization, making you and your business more visible to your target audience. Be sure you incorporate appropriate key terms and hyperlinks to further amplify this effect.

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Content Guidelines

  • Must be a current DMAR member to submit an article.

  • All submissions must be original content that you own the rights to.

  • Content that has not been previously published is preferred.

  • Please fact check and provide sources when relevant.

  • You are welcome to include original photography, but it isn’t required.

  • We’re flexible on word count, but between 800-1,200 words is a good place to start.

  • Please use AP style.

What We Won't Accept

  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.

  • Content that is overly promotional for your company or organization.

  • Offensive, controversial or inaccurate content.

  • Content that is overly critical of individuals or companies.

  • Information that is not beneficial to our members.

How to Submit

Please email the following to Sarah Goode at

  • Your completed post as a Word Doc.

  • Image files (with attribution if needed) in a separate folder.

  • Author headshot, short bio and contact information (email, phone, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and/or Twitter handle).