2020 DMAR Director Election Results

We are excited to announce that the following candidates have been elected by the membership of the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® during the online 2020 Director Election. Thank you to all of the candidates who ran, and a hearty congratulations to our seven newly elected Directors:

July 6, 2020

Central District Directors 

Kerri Duffy | At-Large Position

What are your qualifications to serve as a DMAR Director?

  • CAR Leadership Academy, 2020 (Graduation has been delayed because of COVID-19)
  • Government Affairs Committee, 2019 - Present
  • Event Planning Working Group, 2019
  • Central District Member, 2017 - 2019
  • Central District Co-Chair, 2018 (While serving as District Co-Chair we received Mercy Housing's Mercy Award)
  • Chairman's Distinguished Service Award, 2018
  • DMAR Liaison to the Builder Realty Council, 2018

What do you feel are the three most significant challenges facing the real estate profession?

1) Technology - While a lifesaver for our profession during quarantine, technology has a dark side. It can be expensive especially for smaller brokerages and independents making it harder for them to compete with larger brokerages and unintended consequences.

2) Non-traditional iBuyers and commission compression.

3) COVID-19 - Housing affordability, lack of options and the impact on commercial. While the economic crisis has kept interest rates low making it possible for some to become homeowners, many lower-wage earners are still not benefiting from programs. If we have another crisis, we can't go much lower on interest rates without causing a bigger problem for the economy. Older generations are having trouble finding buyers for their homes, which represents a large portion of their net worth, so they're stuck in homes younger buyers don't want or are losing equity to unload their property. The greatest impact of COVID-19 will be on commercial real estate. Now the companies can run and be profitable while employees work from home. How will this impact lease renewals and office spaces in the near future? Will there be a flight from downtown urban centers?

Amy Hulsey | District Position 

What are your qualifications to serve as a DMAR Director?

I have never taken on a position with DMAR because I had a young family that I was raising, but I am at a point now in life and my career where I can invest the time to give back. I have been in real estate all of my adult life and I believe that starting out as an assistant allowed me to be an extremely well-rounded agent, whether it's writing and negotiating contracts or marketing (which I still do for my team ) there isn't an aspect of real estate that I haven't been involved with. I was mentored by some of the top Colorado agents and I took the lessons that I learned from them on customer service and collaborative negotiations and was able to turn that into a career all my own.

I ran the Lowry Aviator Fund for many years which is the fundraising arm of the Lowry Elementary PTO. I also ran the school auctions for many years which is a big event with live bidding. I was a founding member of the Lowry Business Alliance and actively participate through our past company initiatives through Meals of Wheels - we have transitioned to HomeAid, which I hope to play an active role in in the future.

What do you feel are the three most significant challenges facing the real estate profession?

I think that the biggest challenge is the constant threat of the "new and fancy" programs that our clients are always bombarded with, not because I believe that any of them would ever be a viable option but because it takes a lot and time and energy for traditional agents to combat the growing stereotype that a "full service" broker isn't needed anymore. Also, fighting for commissions and learning to show your clients your value. Lastly, the proposed/changing laws that adversely affect homeowners/homeownership which dramatically impacts our profession... I believe it's important to be vigilant as to who and what try to get initiatives passed that are not good for our clients or for ourselves.


David Schlichter | District Position 

What are your qualifications to serve as a DMAR Director?

I am the candidate committed to representing the interests of DMAR members on the DMAR Board of Directors.

I have nearly a decade of experience as a Denver REALTOR® and joined Compass in 2019 after leading the #1 producing group in the #1 producing office in downtown Denver. My team received the 2019 Titanium Award at the DMAR Excellence Awards and is also consistently among the highest-ranked teams in Denver for customer satisfaction. In addition to my brokerage work, I am an active Denver real estate investor managing an LLC with a portfolio of 23 Denver area investment properties. In addition to my career in real estate, I have taught in the Denver Public Schools, organized the community around local and state education issues, served in Mayor Hancock's transition on his committee for Children's Affairs and served in the White House in the Executive Office of the President under President Obama. I hold a master's of business administration degree from Washington University in St. Louis, which I earned while working as a REALTOR® full-time in 2015. I live near Cheesman Park with my wife, Jessa; son, Ari; and daughters, Edie and Thea.

What do you feel are the three most significant challenges facing the real estate profession?

Some people see "challenges" as threats. I see challenges as opportunities.

1) Technology - Technology is something that many agents feel threatened by. Instead of viewing it as a threat, I wonder the best ways we can work together to leverage it do be even more effective and efficient for our clients? Are there ways in which we as agents can get the same amount of work done with less time spent, providing even more value and actually seeing our compensation go up, instead of down? What role can DMAR play in this regard? Sites like Zillow scrape our listings from local MLS's, republish them in a format that consumers like and then make money selling leads back to us. Regional MLS databases are highly inefficient. When MLS databases each have to design their own infrastructure, have their own staff and require agents to pay dues to multiple places, sites like Zillow come out as the winners and agents suffer (as the IRES and REcolorado fiasco demonstrated). How can DMAR bring us together to improve the agent and consumer experience with MLS's, reduce the amount of dues we spend annually and get our own leads back from sites like Zillow?

2) Alternative Business Models -  Discount brokerages, iBuyers and other alternative business models are viewed by many as a threat. Instead of viewing them as a threat, what can we learn about their business models that make them appealing to the consumer? What are their shortcomings? How can agents better demonstrate the value of the service they provide? What systems can be put in place so that consumers better understand the value of REALTORS®? What role does DMAR have in this conversation?

3) Barriers to Entry/Education Requirements - I am so thankful that our industry is one of the few high-earning potential industries that is is dominated by women - 67 percent of REALTORS® are female! The industry has become more and more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community and people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, though I believe it still has significant work to do on these fronts. Real estate is an industry you can do in your later years, with a median REALTOR® age of about 54. These are all aspects of real estate that I celebrate. At the same time, our barriers to entry are very low, apprenticeship requirements are nonexistent here in Colorado, continuing education requirements are low and continuing education classes aren't highly valuable. How can we elevate our practice, make our professional requirements more rigorous, ensure that consumers respect and trust us, preserve the longevity of the profession and ensure that the industry is still accessible to people of all backgrounds? I believe this is one of the most important ongoing conversations DMAR should be having. REALTOR® organizations are viewed by many agents as an entity that takes our dues and doesn't deliver much value. I'd like to explore the ways that we can work together to deliver a better agent and consumer experience, enhance the value of being a REALTOR®, leverage technology to improve the efficiency of DMAR, increase the services/CE classes/events that are offered by DMAR without increasing dues and work together to improve the profession.

I'd be honored to represent you on the DMAR Board of Directors!


Douglas Elbert District Director

Matt Mathias | District Position 

What are your qualifications to serve as a DMAR Director?

  • DMAR Board of Directors, October 2017 - September 2018 and October 2019 - present
  • Member Electronic Lock Box Task Committee, October 2017 - March 2019
  • Chair, Douglas Elbert District Committee
  • Chair, South/East District Committee
  • Member, DMAR Douglas Elbert District Committee, as member able to participate in the planning of District activities
  • Member, DMAR Professional Development Committee, as member able to provide input for educational development, instructors and content delivery methods
  • Member, DMAR Government Affairs Committee, as a member able to become informed about the legislative issues that affect the real estate industry locally, statewide and nationally, and then educate others about their impact
  • DMAR Ambassador to the Keller Williams Park Meadows office, responsible for informing agents in the office and creating excitement about upcoming DMAR activities including educational, social and networking
  • Earned RENE certification and SRES designations
  • CEO, American Institute of Timer Construction (AITC), a national technical trade association (1993-1999)
  • Restaurateur, opened, managed and operated family-owned Fox's Pizza restaurant (2006-2012)
  • Board of Directors, Douglas County 4H Foundation, an organization dedicated to "generate and distribute resources to support programs that increase achievement, foster lifelong learning, develop citizenship and provide Douglas County 4-H youth opportunities to become contributing citizens"
  • Board of Directors, Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation (CALF), an organization inspired by Colorado Pioneers, John and Bea Lowell to provide an opportunity for people of "all ages and abilities" to experience the agricultural lifestyle through educational programs and projects on a working ranch in order to better understand the importance of agriculture in our daily lives

What do you feel are the three most significant challenges facing the real estate profession?

There are challenges, to be sure. Perception/credibility, market disruptors and assaults on private property rights are the most concerning, I believe. While not ignoring or marginalizing important issues, I prefer to look at the glass "half full" instead. Ann Turner has given the extra measure to DMAR during her tenure as CEO. Words are inadequate to describe our gratitude and appreciation for her loyalty and commitment. The silver lining is that the future presents itself with new opportunity as a result of Ann's decision to retire. DMAR just hired a new CEO in May. His name is Nobu Hata and he comes from the National Association of REALTORS® where he was Director of Industry Outreach and Engagement Strategy. DMAR hit pay dirt when Nobu said, "yes." Our Association is now in a position to tap into Nobu's real estate industry experience, knowledge and passion. At NAR, he has had the benefit of a nationwide view of trends in MLS's and issues that affect local boards both positively and negatively. I have the perspective and experience of having worked with Ann and her effectiveness and am now able to build a bridge to the future by working with Nobu and all he brings to the table. I would like to be a part of helping Nobu and DMAR's exceptional staff move DMAR forward by not only facing inevitable challenges head-on but also seizing certain future opportunity.

North District Director

Michael Bruce | At-Large Position

What are your qualifications to serve as a DMAR Director?

1) I was a founding member of DMAR's YPN in 2013 and served for two years on the committee's board. I then went to the Metro North Chamber and started a Young Professionals Networking group. I was the president of the YPN for four years where we held networking, educational and charity events. The Chamber was eventually absorbed by Adams County Economic Development in 2020 and YPN was terminated.

2) I was born and raised in Longmont, CO, graduated from Berthoud High School and the University of Northern Colorado. After graduating, I moved to Denver, got my Real Estate license in 2013 and joined the KW Downtown office. I joined specifically to be the go-to agent for northern Colorado referrals.

3) Within six months of starting, I took over as Technology Coordinator of the office where I taught agents how to structure their database, create websites and set-up marketing plans. I was the Tech Coordinator for six years at the Downtown office until I passed the torch in 2020 to someone who has more time to spend one-on-one with agents in an office of almost 400 agents.

4) I have been involved in the DMAR Government Affairs Committee and RPAC since starting in 2013. It has been a pleasure listening to the group and giving my input on current events.

5) I served as a Chamber Ambassador for six years and received Ambassador of the Year in 2017 and 2018 Rockstar of the Rockies awards.

What do you feel are the three most significant challenges facing the real estate profession?

1) We need to make sure that REALTORS® adapt and implement the ever-changing technology evolving our industry and make sure technology doesn't replace the REALTOR®.

2) Overcoming the current market shift. There are changes going on that have never been seen before. With constant changes and updates coming from every direction, agents need to be informed and aware of the changes happening and shift their business to adapt to the new norm.

3) How do we maintain a keeping a state as amazing and beautiful as Colorado with the number of people that keep moving here? Real estate has definitely benefited from the massive increase in population growth over the last few years. We need to work closely with the developers, politicians, government and other real estate partners to ensure Colorado continues to be a great home for everyone without being a burden to the environment, economy and traffic.

South/East District Director

Jen Routon | District Position 

What are your qualifications to serve as a DMAR Director?

I am a full-time REALTOR® with Madison & Company Properties and also a current DMAR Director. I am very excited to run for re-election to continue to be on the board at DMAR. I've served a two-year term and I feel as if I've just figured it all out and have my feet underneath me! I would love the opportunity to continue to serve the REALTOR® members of DMAR. I am excited about the direction DMAR is going with our new CEO and would love to help advance our Association over the next two years.

What do you feel are the three most significant challenges facing the real estate profession?

My answers are different than they would have been three months ago.

1) I think we are facing a new reality after COVID-19. How will our industry change due to COVID-19 and how can we get in front of it to teach our REALTOR® members best practices and how to move forward in this new reality? We still have a lot to learn about the virus but I think business practices will change going forward and we need to be proactive as an Association. I think we did an amazing job communicating to our members as news came out daily about changes to our business and how REALTORS® should and could be working for our clients.

2) I continue to be concerned about the level of professionalism of REALTORS® and agents in our marketplace. I am a huge advocate for getting the word out about joining a board if you are not already on one and then taking advantage of training and advanced designations. The REALTOR® brand is being challenged and the business is shifting, I think we face a significant challenge ahead and the way we do business will change, we need to change with it.

3) Lastly, I would like to see more REALTORS® get involved with the Association! It is such a huge benefit and I don't think REALTORS® understand how impactful it can be to be involved. I feel like I am at the forefront as things change in the industry and that is a huge benefit to my clients. I feel better prepared for market changes and understand why the market is changing. I've also created amazing relationships with other REALTORS® that I will have forever!

West District Director

Michelle Schwinghammer | At-Large Position

What are your qualifications to serve as a DMAR Director?

I became licensed in real estate in 2006 and an active Broker Associate in 2016. Prior to starting my real estate career, I was in sales and marketing management with Johnson & Johnson. In addition to field sales, I was highly active in training, analytics and database development. Through my 20-year tenure, I worked territories across Colorado calling on hospitals, community centers and medical professionals (1997 - 2016).

While I have not yet held a position in a REALTORS® Association, I am excited to have the opportunity to do so with DMAR representing the West District. I value and respect this organization, and believe my experience from inside and outside our industry will enable me to be an effective, insightful and enthusiastic contributor.

Community activity includes volunteering for Habitat for Humanity (since 2016), the Denver Dumb Friends League (since 2017) and Mile High Lab Mission (since 2019). I was also a Founding Board Member of COMBA, the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (2008 - 2010). Thank you for your consideration.

What do you feel are the three most significant challenges facing the real estate profession?

1) Housing affordability. We have an increasingly expensive supply of housing while a large percentage of consumers' effective ability to buy is decreasing.

2) Building trust and delivering value to our consumers.

3) Incompatible and redundant technology platforms.