Affiliate Focus | 8 Ways to Make a Marketing Meeting Indispensable for REALTORS®

Do you attend marketing meetings regularly? Are you loyal to only one? Either way, there are certain components that will attract more REALTORS®. Finding or crafting  the right marketing meeting for you can be time-consuming if you’re not sure what to look for – or what to expect. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of ideas to incorporate into any marketing meeting.

1.  Keep it consistent. 

The easiest way to ensure consistency is to create an agenda that never changes. Give an outline of what to expect in every single meeting, so that the attendees can know what’s coming. A good agenda should include who is leading each discussion, what will be discussed, and how much time is allotted for each discussion.

If your marketing meeting struggles with this, adding a moderator can be a valuable way to keep track of time. Finally, remember to keep going to the same meetings! Sporadic attendance or traveling to every single marketing meeting location will not be as effective.

2. Disseminate relevant information

Public service announcements should be among the first items of discussion. Announcements should be about a significant change, need-to-know information or industry news that is pertinent to real estate. This portion should be open to both REALTORS® and Affiliates.

3. Add traditions. 

Traditions have their place in business–even silly ones–because they are a way to bond a group together. Besides, it’s kind of fun to say the pledge of allegiance or blow a horn to convene the meeting. If that isn’t your style, you can always participate by taking the chance to…

4. …become a breakfast sponsor!

Providing breakfast or a snack is a great and inexpensive way to increase visibility.  Allow the attendees to eat and engage in the meeting, and then towards the end have a designated time for the sponsor of the week to give a short presentation about their business. With food and coffee at hand, the other attendees are more likely to listen and appreciate what a sponsor has to say.

5. Share positive stories and successes.  

Having an attitude of gratitude is so important in all areas of life. Put a short period of time on the agenda to allow all DMAR Members to celebrate their recent success stories. Whether an Affiliate has finished a difficult title insurance issue or a REALTOR® has made a sale, it is worth sharing!

6. Give REALTORS® time to announce buyer needs.

Despite modern listing technology, asking REALTORS® to discuss their buyer’s needs is still an effective way to find that perfect property. It’s also a great way for Affiliates to get a business referral.

7. Time to share new and old listings

This is yet another REALTOR®-geared section that can be beneficial for all marketing meeting attendees. A good portion of listings could use a little help to finally sell, whether that’s window-cleaning or landscaping. The possibilities of new business for Affiliates are endless in this section.

8. Inspiration

We can always use a little inspiration or words of wisdom for the day. Be sure to keep this segment consistent and brief–perhaps a favorite quote from the most recent DMAR Magazine, or a guiding principle to think about during the week ahead, such as perseverance.

We hope that incorporating these ideas into your marketing meeting leads to a higher rate of REALTOR® attendance, and encourages your Affiliate friends to take a more active part as well. Remember: REALTORS®’ interests are the same as yours: you both want to improve your business, and you both want to spend time at a meeting that is helpful, valuable and fun.