Download the Commission’s Affirmation and Questionnaire

Each quarter the Real Estate Commission randomly selects a number of licensees to be part of a real estate broker audit. In the event that you or your brokerage is part of that audit, the affirmation and questionnaire is a form you may see, and is available to download below.

September 5, 2019

Below is the most recent Affirmation and Questionnaire Concerning Real Estate Activity (Affirmation), which is used by the Colorado Real Estate Commission to conduct audits of Colorado brokerage firms. The letter requests both responses to specific questions and production of certain required brokerage documents. These responses and documents provide the assigned Commission auditor with a snapshot of the brokerage’s practice and potential license law issues. This letter is generally addressed to employing brokers, but not always.

Based on the responses provided, brokerage firms are assessed a risk score for license law issues. Responses indicating non-compliance likely result in a formal complaint and referral to the Commission for evaluation of the case and potential license discipline.

If there is confusion about a specific question or response to a question in the Affirmation or a response is obviously problematic, employing brokers should focus on ensuring compliance on such issue. This may be an effective means of identifying and fixing non-compliance issues before a brokerage firm is audited or a complaint arises.  

Download the Affirmation and Questionnaire 

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