Tom Geier


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Marketing & Communications Coordinator

If you follow DMAR on social media, read our emails or browse our website, you’ve already heard from me. My name is Tom, and I, alongside our brilliant Director of Marketing & Communications, Sarah Goode, create the Association’s member-facing content. If we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face, you can find me at most DMAR events (just look for the guy taking tons of photos and videos on his phone).  

I’ve been a staff member at DMAR since 2018, and I very much enjoy it here. I love DMAR for much the same reasons our members do; the DMAR team is a well-oiled machine that works smoothly together to provide excellent benefits and a place to grow as a professional. We are lucky to be associated! 

Outside of work, you’ll find me… well, outside. My happy place is anywhere where I am surrounded by trees, bushes, bugs and birds. I like to garden, hike, meditate, splash around in rivers, whatever lets me enjoy the splendor of Colorado, of which I am a proud native! I like to take the inspiration I get outside and bring it indoors through my creative outlets like painting and journaling.  

I love meeting our members! Find me at an event or hit me up if you need help finding any DMAR resources, if you need an update made to our website or if you have a great idea regarding content you’d like to see more of.