Boosting Your Exposure in The Soaring 20's

We're a month into a brand new decade... "The Soaring 20's" if you will. That's what we're calling them at least (a little play on the "Roaring Twenties") because we're planning for an incredibly successful decade ahead, and so should you!

A fresh start is just now beginning, and we've got some great suggestions to help you maximize your visibility to our 7,000+ members (and beyond). 

January 24, 2020

5 ways you can soar in 2020:

1)  Place an ad or sponsor an email. On average, DMAR's website gets over 30k pageviews a month. Purchasing a web ad is a fantastic way to advertise to a highly targeted market of real estate professionals. Most recently, DMAR has created the option to sponsor our most-read emails, which boast an open rate of about 30% - that's well over the industry average of 19.67%. If you're looking to get a lot of impressions for your dollar, this is definitely worth considering!*​

2) Get on stage. You are invited to sponsor events and classes for extra exposure. You can even become an annual sponsor. Either way, it's a great way to meet your clientele face to face. We are currently accepting sponsorship applications for the 2020 Excellence Awards* ​

3) Publish a blog. Our followers are always hungry for quality information and professional connections, so submitting a guest blog post is a great way to flex your expertise to those who are looking to work with a pro.*

4) Join our Facebook communities. DMAR has several groups active on Facebook so REALTORS® and Industry Partners can communicate, share recommendations and ask questions. It's a great way to supplement interaction when you can't make it to meetings and networking events.

5) Step outside of your comfort zone. Little progress is made in the confines of your comfort zone, so get yourself out there. Attend a Connect Meeting, join a committee or attend a new event. You know how important connections are in this industry, so you know you can't afford to keep to yourself. 

*For more information on sponsorship, web ads or guest blogs, please contact DMAR's Director of Marketing & Communications, Sarah Goode, at