Skipping the Bidding Wars

with Brigette Modglin with Kentwood Real Estate 

Brigettes Story

If you’re sitting on the sidelines in fear of fierce bidding wars, you should know there ARE alternatives. Here's a success story for you about the Wall family who had been renting in Denver for three years before they decided they were ready for a place to call their own - one that wouldn't exceed $500,000. Their expert Realtor®, Brigette Modglin, suggested that since they only had enough money for a down payment and closing costs, a new-build could be the perfect solution to avoid the fiery competition in the resale market. Not only did they go under contract just THREE DAYS LATER, but they also didn’t have to waive any inspection rights. And because they found a home below their budget, they had extra to spend on furnishings and a good home warranty. Moral of the story? So much hassle can be avoided with a Realtor® on your side.

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