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E.g., Jun 19, 2019
E.g., Jun 19, 2019
Real ​estate ​contracts ​are ​the ​most ​used, ​and ​often ​the ​most ​misunderstood ​documents ​in ​the ​profession. ​One ​of ​the ​keys ​to ​a ​successful ​real ​estate ​practice ​is ​understanding ​the ​fundamentals ​of ​contract ​law, ​including ​the ​process ​of ​offer, ​counteroffer, ​and ​acceptance. ​Another ​key ​to ​becoming ​successful ​in ​real ​estate ​is ​knowing ​how ​to ​both ​attract ​and ​work ​with ​buyers ​and ​sellers. ​Read More
The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation is for real estate buyer agents who focus on working directly with buyer-clients at every stage of the home-buying process. By earning the ABR® designation, you gain access to valuable real estate education that elevates your skills and knowledge in the eyes of home buyers, ongoing specialized information, programs, and updates that keep you knowledgeable on the issues and trends facing home buyers, access to members-only publications, as well as marketing tools and resources.Read More
A summit for women who rally and rule with keynote speaker Ruth Zuckerman, Co-founder of SoulCycle & Flywheel.Read More
REALTORS ® ​are ​asked ​on ​a ​daily ​basis ​for ​help ​with ​many ​different ​aspects ​of ​a ​real ​estate ​purchase ​or ​sale. ​Real ​estate ​counseling ​differs ​from ​typical ​brokerage ​services ​by ​offering ​the ​home-buying ​consumer ​the ​opportunity ​to ​get ​a ​second ​opinion ​and ​to ​hire ​a ​counselor ​based ​on ​real ​estate ​expertise ​and ​experience.Read More