Stress Less When You Trust the Best

with Chelsea Thomas with Cox Real Esate Group

Cheleas Story Real estate transactions inevitably come with anxiety. But with an expert in your corner, you can stress less knowing that they know exactly what to do. If you can find a Realtor® you trust, not only will you get a better financial outcome, but you will also save yourself a lot of unpleasantness along the way. Here’s a success story for you… Alex and Danielle had bought a home in 2018 with their trusted friend and experienced Realtor®, Chelsea Thomas. Chelsea not only helped with the transaction but gave a knowledgeable recommendation on where they should buy. They lived there happily for five years before their growing family of five started requiring a larger home. In 2022, Alex and Danielle called Chelsea for an upgrade. They were concerned about their situation given the market condition, which was very competitive and lacking choices. But Chelsea’s tenacity was invaluable. Backed by research, patience and intuition, they eventually found their perfect Lowry home at a price that worked for them. Chelsea even got them a five-figure seller concession! But it didn’t stop there. To provide a smooth transition for their family, Chelsea was able to move them into their new home before they facilitated the sale of their old one. Chelsea’s professional connections, clear communication and sharp listing strategies optimized exposure for them, ultimately earning them hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity. Both transactions benefited from her expertise, and she was able to provide a smooth and relatively easy experience, which is priceless. Moral of the story? Their trust in her was well-placed, and her service paid for itself several times over.

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