DMAR’s November 2017 Election Endorsements

The Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® is pleased to present its November 2017 election endorsements. Candidates/issues were carefully vetted and approved by DMAR’s Government Affairs Committee and Board of Directors. We encourage all DMAR members to SUPPORT the candidates below and OPPOSE Denver’s Green Roofs Initiative (I-300) which would increase the price of housing by mandating that new and existing buildings have vegetation and/or solar on their roof. While this is a noble initiative, a one-size-fits-all government mandate is not the answer.

September 28, 2017

A big shout out to the following DMAR members who generously gave their time to interview candidates running in the November 2017 elections: Andrew Abrams, Kassidy Benson, Mark Bowman, Barb Ecker, Karen Frisone, Diane Lewis, Matt Mathias, Jerilee Peterson,  Alys Veal and Sabrina Zunker.

Issue Positions

Vote No on I-300, Denver’s Green Roofs Initiative.


Candidate Endorsements


  • Nancy Ford (District 1) 
  • John Marriott (District 3)
  • Dot Miller (At-Large)

Commerce City

  • Oscar Madera (Ward 1)
  • Jacob Wilson (Ward 3)
  • Benjamin Huseman (At-Large)

Greenwood Village

  • Freda Miklin (District 1)
  • Dave Bullock (District 1)
  • Darryl Jones (District 2)
  • Seanna Mulligan (District 2)
  • George Lantz (District 3)
  • Steve Moran (District 3)
  • Thomas Dougherty (District 4)
  • T.J. Gordon (District 4)


  • Kyra deGruy (Ward 1)
  • Charles Kenneth Davis (Ward 2)
  • Michael Gifford (Ward 3)
  • LaDawn Sperling (Ward 4)
  • Karen Harrison (Ward 5)


  • Julie Mullica (District 3)


  • Sherry Goodman (District 1)
  • Jessica Sandgren (District 2)
  • Sam Nizam (District 3)
  • Jan Kulmann (District 4)


  • Emma Pinter (At-Large)
  • Kathryn Skulley (At-Large)
  • David Demott (At-Large)

Wheat Ridge

  • Bud Starker (Mayor)
  • Rachel Hultin (District 2)
  • Leah Dozeman (District 4)