DMAR and DERA Merger Announcement

March 22, 2016

To our valued members,

It is our honor to share with you that our two associations are in discussions with the intent to merge. The Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® (DMAR) and the Douglas Elbert REALTOR® Association (DERA) have been talking for the past several months on this prospective alignment. After extensive due diligence and thoughtful conversations, we have determined that this merger would offer our collective members even more value.

Culture and legacy are at the heart of our two associations. By forging a partnership, together we would add to these individual foundations another layer that would offer members more opportunities and benefits in their real estate professions.

Understanding DERA’s rich history, we want to make a point that its culture and philosophies would remain intact. DERA would form as a District of DMAR, maintaining community outreach programs  (i.e. Helping Hands), events, and education. The current DERA office would still operate. Leadership of the two associations would be combined.

One of the core benefits of this merger is that it would strengthen our collective voice on behalf of REALTORS® in the metropolitan area. The Douglas Elbert region would have greater representation because our combined position of authority would be much larger, given DMAR currently consists of over 6,000 members in the Denver-area. Together, we would have a more powerful political stance to support the REALTOR® brand, RPAC, and safeguard the real estate community.

This partnership is also fruitful in terms of the economies of scale it affords. As the association grows, there would be more significant financial resources to provide member services and education, while at the same time stabilizing dues. The combination of the two associations also expands our brain trust and network, giving membership access to more new and progressive ideas and information to support professional growth.

We are pleased to have unanimous approval from both DERA and DMAR Boards of Directors to continue moving forward on this prospective merger.

We continue to be open to opportunities with other associations, and all of the associations will continue to work together to promote the benefits of the REALTOR® organization.

Regarding next steps, we are putting together a formal merger document that we aim to have completed in the next few months. Then, the merger will go to a vote of the respective Boards of Directors and then to a final vote with the members of both associations. In the meantime, we will be hosting town hall meetings to hear from you and answer questions. We are estimating the process will take approximately 4-6 months, and you will be informed and updated along the way. Please watch for an upcoming town hall meeting invitation. If you have any questions in the meantime, you are always welcome to contact anyone on your Board of Directors, or the association office.

We are very excited about this prospective merger and look forward to this partnership.