What is Earnnest?

Earnnest is the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S. because they’ve made it safe and easy for homebuyers to move money. Your clients will love paying their earnest deposit from anywhere — at work, at home or on the go. And you’ll love not having to shuttle checks around.

Earnnest lets you:

  • Save time. No more time lost picking up checks and delivering receipts.
  • Eliminate fraud. Earnnest has completed 200,000+ transactions with zero fraud.
  • Track payments. Instantly know when funds are initiated and deposited.

Getting Started

Earnnest is always free for agents and it’s easy to get started. Get Earnnest’s app from the App Store or Google Play and start requesting digital earnest money payments from homebuyers. (If you prefer to use your desktop visit app.earnnest.com.)

Agent Resources

How does Earnnest compare?

Earnnest’s digital payments are more secure than wires, more convenient than checks and more widely used than other digital platforms.

  • More secure than checks or wires which expose homebuyers to fraud. Earnnest has moved more than $1 billion with zero instances of fraud.
  • More convenient than checks or wires which require in-person action. Earnnest lets you and your buyer handle earnest money remotely.
  • More widely used than other digital payment providers. Earnnest provides the largest escrow network in the U.S.

Need help getting started?

Reach out to Earnnest’s Technical Support team. They’re standing by to help!