Unlocking Opportunities: Fair Housing & Down Payment Assistance | Powered by DAC

WHEN: Thursday, April 11, 2024 | 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM 

WHERE: DMAR HQ | 4601 DTC Blvd. #100 Denver, CO 80237

WHAT: April is Fair Housing Month, and we're celebrating by delving deep into the labyrinth of fair housing regulations. In a housing market characterized by soaring prices and limited entry-level inventory, it's imperative to arm yourself with innovative strategies to help your clients realize their dreams of homeownership.

Join us for a comprehensive two-part workshop. In Part 1: Fair Housing, we'll be joined by guest speaker John Paul Marosy, Outreach & Education Coordinator at the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center. In Part 2: Down Payment Assistance, we'll feature insights from Monica LaCrue, Affordable Lending Manager at Freddie Mac, and Greg Brown, Business Development Specialist at CHFA Home Finance. To conclude, we're thrilled to have our two Pathways Award winners from the 2024 Excellence Awards lead a panel discussion on creating homeownership opportunities through real estate.

We'll explore not just the principles of fair housing, but also dive into:

  • Tips you can use to assist future homebuyers.
  • Affordable housing solutions you might not be aware of
  • Details on down payment assistance programs
  • and more!

This event isn't your typical fair housing presentation; it's an open dialogue aimed at enhancing your ability to support clients in their journey toward homeownership. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and empower your clients to achieve their homeownership dreams.


PRICE: $20 for members (includes lunch) | All proceeds go to DMAR's charitable foundation, DMAR Gives

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About Our Speakers

Greg Brown, Business Development Specialist at CHFA

Greg Brown is a Business Development Specialist at Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) and has over 15 years of experience in the lending and housing industry. At CHFA, Greg works on the home finance business development team, providing outreach and training opportunities for lenders, real estate agents, nonprofit groups, and consumers in the African American communities of Colorado; with a particular emphasis in promoting CHFA’s homebuyer programs and services to communities of color. Prior to joining CHFA, Greg held both lending and operational positions at several of the top lenders in the state. Greg earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in English from Fort Lewis College. In his spare time, he serves as a member of the African Leadership Group Financial Committee.

Fumnanya Camara, Pathways Award Winner at the 2024 Excellence Awards

Fumnanya Camara deserved to win the Pathways Award this year for her exceptional dedication and transformative efforts in supporting first-time homebuyers, particularly refugees and immigrants. In 2023, she facilitated over $900,000 in home sales to first-time homebuyers, showcasing her remarkable achievements and commitment to her clients. As a former educator, Fumnanya seamlessly integrates her passion for teaching into her real estate career through the innovative Camara Concierge Service, offering translation and interpretation services crucial for clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Her personalized approach includes meeting clients in their homes, providing assistance with document collection, and guiding them through the initial steps of homeownership, demonstrating a comprehensive commitment to inclusivity and addressing the specific needs of traditionally underserved communities.

Olivia Kunevicius, Pathways Award Winner at the 2024 Excellence Awards 

Olivia Kunevicius was also a deserving candidate for the Pathways Award due to her extraordinary commitment to supporting medical professionals on their path to homeownership, stemming from her personal tragedy of losing her sister, Jessica. In the face of devastating loss, Olivia found solace in the compassionate care provided by medical professionals during her sister's challenges. Combining her gratitude and profession in real estate, Olivia established the MedicalPRO Home program in collaboration with the Barrett Mortgage Team, specifically tailored for medical professionals in Denver. This innovative program not only offers unique benefits such as zero down payment mortgages and closing cost credits but also provides five hours of free childcare during property showings, showcasing Olivia's dedication to easing the path to homeownership for those who dedicate themselves to caring for others in the healthcare field.

Monica LaCrue, Affordable Lending Manager at Freddie Mac 

Monica LaCrue is an Affordable Lending Manager at Freddie Mac and part of the Single-Family Mission and Community Engagement team. She joined Freddie Mac in 2019 as part of the Real Estate Engagement outreach team.  She works closely with industry diverse trade associations, real estate companies and local and State Realtor® associations. Monica has been in the finance, mortgage, and real estate industry for over 13 years.  She has worn various hats throughout her career and is well respected by her industry partners and known for her keen sense of customer relationships, program development, education and events management. Monica graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in History.

John Paul Marosy, Outreach and Education Coordinator at DMFHC

John Paul Marosy is a lifelong activist for peace and social and economic justice utilizing education and nonviolent direct action to achieve positive change. John Paul has served as Outreach and Education Coordinator at Denver Metro Fair Housing Center (DMFHC) since 2022. DMFHC is the only HUD-designated Fair Housing Initiative Program (FHIP) in Colorado. As such, DMFHC delivers education, outreach, and advocacy services statewide and also conducts fair housing enforcement activities (testing, investigation, and complaint processing) in a HUD-designated seven-county region along the front range, in close cooperation with HUD, the Colorado Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Department of Justice. John Paul provides education, advocacy, and outreach services throughout the state, and supports DMFHC’s enforcement activities. He is the editor of the DMFHC“Fair Housing Focus” newsletter. John Paul has extensive training in all facets of Fair Housing federal and state laws, as well as a master’s degree in urban affairs from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree in urban studies from Saint Peter’s University. John Paul’s background in training and education includes over two decades of experience as a professional speaker and trainer. The author of two books and creator of train-the-trainer curricula, John Paul has conducted educational sessions for local, regional and national trade associations, consumer groups, government agencies, religious groups, and private corporations. He is the recipient of a Presidential Citation for Public Private Sector Initiatives.