GRI Finance (Zoom Class)


WHEN: Wednesday | October 21, 2020 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

WHERE: Online

WHY: A ​key ​part ​of ​the ​real ​estate ​transaction ​is ​financing. ​In ​general, ​financing ​addresses ​the ​ways ​in ​which ​people, ​businesses, ​and ​organizations ​allocate ​and ​use ​monetary ​resources. ​Being ​aware ​of ​the ​latest ​developments ​in ​finance ​helps ​to ​clarify ​the ​economic ​status ​and ​affordability ​of ​the ​real ​estate ​market ​for ​clients. ​Understanding ​the ​fundamentals ​of ​mortgage ​finance ​is ​a ​key ​to ​a ​successful ​real ​estate ​sales ​business ​foundation ​and ​delivering ​invaluable ​services ​to ​consumers.

This ​course ​will ​provide ​participants ​with ​a ​better ​understanding ​of ​real ​estate ​finance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe ​how ​the ​primary ​and ​secondary ​(including ​GSEs) ​mortgage ​markets ​and ​entities ​operate.
  • Demonstrate ​knowledge ​of ​the ​requirements ​and ​rules ​regarding ​VA ​loans, ​FHA-insured ​loans, ​and ​various ​conventional ​loan ​types.
  • Perform ​basic ​calculations ​for ​fixed ​and ​adjustable-rate ​mortgages ​to ​include ​qualifying ​ratios, ​down ​payment, ​monthly ​payment, ​PMI, ​principal, ​interest, ​MIP ​and ​discount ​points.
  • Determine ​when ​a ​client ​should ​be ​referred ​elsewhere ​for ​professional ​lending ​advice ​and ​processing.
  • Describe ​the ​requirements ​and ​processes ​of ​a ​reverse ​annuity ​mortgage.
  • Prepare ​a ​client ​for ​the ​three ​stages ​of ​the ​mortgage ​loan ​process.
  • Demonstrate ​a ​working ​knowledge ​of ​the ​credit ​scoring ​system.
  • Discover ​potentially ​fraudulent ​mortgage ​activity ​ 

GRI ​REQUIREMENTS: - ​Be ​a ​Colorado ​REALTOR ​in ​good ​ ​standing - ​Complete ​Coursework ​- ​The ​GRI ​program ​consists ​of ​15 ​courses, ​each ​providing ​ ​4 ​hours ​of ​credit, ​for ​a ​total ​of ​60 ​hours ​of ​education. ​ ​Courses ​may ​be ​taken ​online, ​in ​the ​classroom ​from ​a ​sponsoring ​REALTOR ​association, ​or ​a ​combination ​of ​online ​and ​classroom. ​ ​All ​60 ​hours ​of ​education ​toward ​the ​GRI ​designation ​must ​be ​completed ​within ​3 ​years.


CE CREDITS: 4- You must have video capability and have it on during the class to get CE credit.

PRICE:  REALTOR® Member $50 | Non-REALTOR® $70

IMPORTANTRegistration is a two step process. The day before class you will be emailed a Zoom link to confirm registration, as well as class materials and guidelines.

CLASS POLICIES: You must cancel 24 hours in advance to receive a refund less $10 in service fees. If you choose to transfer to another class, you will be charged a $10 transfer fee. You must attend the entire class to receive your Colorado Continuing Education Credits.

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