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Comprehensive healthcare solutions for all DMAR members

As a benefit to you, enrollment in this program is now available to all DMAR members - REALTORS® and Industry Partners - as well as their families (whether the member enrolls or not).

For years, one of the most common concerns for REALTORS® has been finding affordable healthcare solutions. We are proud to announce the roll-out of a cost-sharing healthcare solution that we believe will be a great option for many of our members. This cost-sharing solution is now available to DMAR members for a cost averaging 30-60% less than purchasing traditional health insurance. It is made up of two parts:

  1. Redirect Health, which provides medical care coordination, prescription benefits, vision and dental discounts, and unlimited 24/7 access to doctors via IM, telephone, or video conference.​
  2. Sedera, which addresses large medical costs like accidents, cancer treatment, surgeries, etc.

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The cost-sharing solution includes the following features

  • Redirect Health 24/7 concierge service with U.S. Board-certified primary care doctors on staff to address many healthcare services at no cost. They also provide coordination and follow up medical care, including coordination with specialists, bloodwork, labs, x-rays, etc. at low cash pay rates.
  • Prescription Plan Discounts on a wide range of drugs, 8,500 drugs at $4 or less, and over 1,500 drugs under $25
  • Careington Dental & Vision Discount Plan Save 20%-50 on most dental procedures and savings on eye care and eyewear.
  • Sedera Health A non-faith based medical cost-sharing administrator with a product specifically designed for use with associations.

Changes as of April 2020:

  • Monthly cost has been reduced.
  • There are no longer any network considerations for any medical care.
  • Teledoc has been moved to a more robust system which allows for more personalized care from a physician.
  • Dental and Vision discount plans are now included.
  • Care/benefit coordination has been consolidated to one telephone number for service.
  • There are now traditional health insurance resources for those who prefer that approach. While these resources are the same insurance plans (coverage and premium) offered to the general public, there is an experienced, licensed, and dedicated specialist to help DMAR members navigate the options at no additional cost.

Note: If you are enrolled with the Apex/Sedera solution, and you’d like to switch over to Redirect/Sedera, please contact Alpine Association Benefits as the change is not automatic.  You may also remain with Apex.

While medical cost-sharing has some limitations, such as a waiting period on pre-existing conditions, it has two important advantages over traditional health insurance: affordability and freedom from networks. As traditional health insurance premiums continue to rise across the country, medical cost-sharing programs are attracting more attention than ever before. If you are not familiar with how medical cost-sharing works, it’s a good time to learn.

Since each individual’s situation is different, it’s not the intention of DMAR to recommend a specific healthcare plan for its members – it is the responsibility of each member to determine the suitability of any plan for his or her situation; however, DMAR has made a meaningful effort to make this option available with the belief that there will likely be many for whom this plan is an affordable and appropriate solution.


Contact Steven Hart at 720-523-5524 or email Info@alpineassociationbenefits.com. You can also watch this webinar to get a better overview of the program. 

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Comprehensive Healthcare

Enrollment in this program is now available to all DMAR members - REALTORS® and Industry Partners - as well as their families (whether the member enrolls or not).