How 3D Matterport is Changing Homebuying | Guest Post

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September 22, 2020

“You can’t buy a house until you see it in person” - until the Matterport Camera was born!

Matterport is a 3D camera, data platform and imaging software all in one convenient service. It allows any user across the world to view spaces anywhere at any time through the internet via compiling thousands of images recorded and compiled by the Matterport Camera. Since 2011, Matterport continues to grow as a company and provides a unique service that you should definitely consider when selling a property.

Times are changing.

Not only do buyers want easier access to real estate properties, but they also want to see it all. With the Matterport 3D imaging and software, users get to explore every single nook and cranny through the comfort of their own home. Long gone are the boring and outdated still photos which often can be manipulated and distorted by programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Matterport offers a pure and clean viewing experience. No gimmicks or trick photography are used to make a space look better than it actually is. People simply want a more immersive experience than just photos... and this is being seen particularly with Millennials and Gen Z populations where over 94 percent of Gen Z’s said they would prefer to switch to an agent who provides 3D (Matterport) services.

Be competitive.

Matterport not only offers a fully immersive and unique homebuying experience but they are also the leader in 3D imaging software. With major clients like Vacasa, Coldwell Banker, Sothebys, Redfin and more, it’s simple to see the direction that the industry is going. It’s been proven that listings that use Matterport services have a 50 percent reduction time in offers placed on homes. 95 percent of viewers are more likely to call and respond to ads that include 3D imaging software. 74 percent of agents using Matterport get more listings and a whopping 55 percent of homebuyers polled in a survey said they would feel comfortable buying a property sight unseen! Imagine hearing that just a mere 10 years ago. The statistics speak for themselves loud and clear: Matterports sell homes.

Stand out.

It is increasingly harder to stand out from the competition. Nearly every agent will offer photos and an online listing. So, how can the consumer differentiate which agent actually has their best interest? With Matterport, you are not only providing a unique experience but you are also building your brand as an agent who is current and understands the importance of technology. Your listings will sell faster (on average Matterport reduces listings times by 31 percent), they will close for a higher price (4-9 percent on average) and over 90 percent of homebuyers say they are more compelled and swayed with a 3D tour as opposed to more traditional formats. If that doesn’t motivate you to think about switching, the consumer might do the “switching” for you, as 82 percent of users polled said that they would change agents to those who use 3D tours. It’s clearer than the skies in Colorado that 3D tours are here to stay.

Expand your search.

Adding a 3D tour not only expands your brand but it also lets you reach more people. After a 3D tour is completed, it is hosted externally where anyone can gain access and view the property. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds. Matterport allows you to share to all of your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and is even compatible with Google Street View, VRBO and With these outreach methods, your listings will have greater exposure!

Be Safer.

It wouldn’t be a current article if we didn’t talk about how Matterport is essential during this era of global pandemics. With allowing users and prospective homebuyers access to the entire property, without having to step a single foot inside, they will feel safer and more secure. No need to risk venturing into a packed “Open House” with hundreds of strangers to get a good feel for the property. The Matterport camera can capture images at an astounding 4k print quality. Users will clearly see every single little detail of a home without even having to leave their own homes. This will build trust between you and your clients as you respect their health and well-being.


Matterport software is simply changing how we do business in the real estate community. This technology is allowing consumers to experience the world of homebuying in a completely new way. It is not surprising that industry leaders are switching to 3D software to promote their listings and it needs to be heavily considered when promoting a property. Whether it is a mega-mansion in a country club, a commercial or corporate office or even a tiny studio in the heart of downtown, Matterport gives you a clear-cut competitive advantage.

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