Winning the Chase for Space

with Jill Schafer with Kentwood Real Estate

Jills Story

Yes, even in this hot seller's market buyers CAN find the home of their dreams. Here's a success story for you about a newly married couple (who were first-time homebuyers). With a baby on the way, they decided they needed a lot more space. Prioritizing acreage, they fell in love with a beautiful luxury home in the Ken Caryl Valley (but of course... so did eight other families). Their expert Realtor®, Jill Schafer, had some tricks up her sleeve to make their offer stand out. Their contract-winning strategies included waiving the ability to request repairs, allowing the sellers to stay for two more months and paying in cash (to then take out a loan after closing). Thankfully, with their super-powered teammate, this couple landed the home of their dreams. Moral of the story? Working with a Realtor® who can help you create a well-written, competitive offer is key to navigating this market and ultimately finding your next home.

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