Logo & Trademark Guidelines

DMAR Logo Use

Please observe these guidelines when using the DMAR logo

  • Never alter any elements of the DMAR logo.
  • Use the full-color, primary logo whenever possible.
  • Do not place the full-color logo on color backgrounds.
  • Observe the clear space around the logo and give it the proper “breathing room” when placed side-by-side with other logos or graphics.
  • The alternative lockup should be used in situations where limited space requires a more horizontal orientation.
  • The black and reverse logos should be used when printing restrictions limit the color or background used.

Download DMAR Logos

Download DMAR Logo Guidelines

REALTOR® Logos and Trademark Use

It is important to use NAR's membership marks—including the REALTOR® logo and the terms REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, REALTORS®—correctly and according to the rules outlined in the Membership Manual. Click the button below to download REALTOR® logos and get information on how to use the logos correctly:

Information & Downloads


Get tips for using the terms REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® and REALTORS® with a member's namewith a firm nameon social media or in connection with an election.


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Upcoming Events

Join us for a special night at the museum for our annual RPAC fundraiser, and help celebrate the impact you and other top investors made on the industry through your contributions this year. In addition to full access to the museum, you can look forward to prize drawings, networking with industry influencers and a special guest speaker (stay tuned)!Read More
There's a martini at Bar Louie with your name on it. It's the South/East District's turn to host our next official Happy Hour. Loosen up and get to know your fellow DMAR members. Come feeling lucky, because we will be wrapping up the evening with a prize drawing.Read More
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