Membership Benefits

As a member you have access to a wide array of benefits, business tools, real estate market data, educational opportunities and discounted programs designed to help you succeed in today's market. Benefits include discounts on classes, access to real estate data, networking & sponsorship opportunities, an affordable healthcare option and so much more. 

Top 20 Member Benefits

DMAR Member Benefits

MARKET TRENDS | As a member, you receive reliable monthly statistical data, expert opinions and industry insights that can help with your current clients’ buy/sale strategy and can be shared with past clients to grow your business. The DMAR Market Trends Committee provides timely, consistent and relevant monthly summaries of valuable local real estate data for members and the general public. We also publish monthly City & County Reports and other supplemental reports. These stats are available not only on our award-winning website but our social media channels as well. Share them with your past, present and future client sphere of influence to stay top-of-mind in this crazy real estate market.

POLITICAL ADVOCACY | Your membership supports a powerful Government Affairs program led by a DMAR-dedicated Director of Government Affairs who advocates for REALTORS® as essential public servants and your clients’ personal property rights with legislators every day and led conversations that were key to maintaining real estate business during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Peter Wall, DMAR's Director of Government Affairs, engages with regulators and legislators daily to advocate for you and your client’s personal property rights.

REACH & INDUSTRY PARTNERS | Technology is rapidly changing the way you work and engage with your clients and the industry as a whole. Your membership grants you access to not only an internationally acclaimed real estate tech company accelerator of cutting-edge services and solutions to help you beef up your business online, but a stable of local Industry Partners who can enhance your client experience offerings offline as well. Need help integrating these cutting edge services into your business? Your new DMAR CEO can help. DMAR’s brand new CEO, Nobu Hata, is a former long-time REALTOR® with a knack for integrating old school and new school real estate practices into future proof businesses at the broker and broker-owner level. He’s happy to talk real estate anytime -

HEALTHCARE For years, one of the most common concerns for REALTORS® has been finding affordable healthcare solutions. We are proud to announce the roll-out of a cost-sharing healthcare solution that we believe will be a great option for many of our REALTOR® and Industry Partner members – as well as their families! This cost-sharing solution is now available to members for a cost averaging 30-60% less than purchasing traditional health insurance.

EDUCATION | Earn CE credits, further your career and increase your producing power with our outstanding member-priced PEAK (Premier Education and Knowledge) program. We offer a wide selection of real estate training options including continuing education, certifications and designations that can help boost your productivity and client base. 

NETWORKING | Being a part of the largest local REALTOR® Association in metro Denver means unparalleled networking opportunities. Plus, our events showcase nationally recognized speakers, top influencers and like-minded professionals and are chock-full of relevant information to future-proof your business. DMAR’s footprint encompasses the entirety of the city and REALTOR® groups representing the tapestry of our membership base’s myriad passions and missions. Share your listings, network with the best and brightest while learning how to be a better REALTOR® and get involved to better the Colorado real estate industry and market!

MEDIATION + ARBITRATION | Ever been involved in an earnest money or commission dispute? DMAR in-house buyer-seller dispute resolution services for your clients, which saves you time and money compared to formal litigation – and takes you out of the middle of these disputes.

SENTRILOCK | Homeowners nationwide prefer an electronic lockbox over a mechanical box, and for good reason. Electronic lockboxes are an easier, safer option and the new standard of professionalism in our industry – and they also happen to be exclusively available to REALTORS®. SentriLock electronic lockboxes offer secure and trackable access, one-day codes and other REALTOR®-friendly features.

3-TIER BENEFITS | While real estate is local, the industry’s reach is regional, national and international. DMAR, together with CAR and NAR ensures that the REALTOR® brand is at the center of the real estate universe today and tomorrow and provides the solutions, resources and tools for you to do the same here in Denver.

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