Communication = Professionalism

with Mike Papantonakis with RE/MAX Alliance Olde Town Arvada

Mikes Story Expect professionalism from your Realtor®! That’s what Erika and Aysiah did. When their first agent didn’t meet their expectations, they found one who did - and it paid off! Here’s a success story for you. Mike was referred to this mother and daughter by their lender. As the immediate past chair of DMAR, he is a great example of the elevated standards of ethics and professionalism that the Realtor® brand represents. One of the most important things Mike offered these buyers was thorough communication, beginning with their first consultation where he provided them with a buyer resource guide and glossary of real estate terms. He prepared and educated them throughout the process to avoid any unwanted surprises. But good communication doesn’t stop there, and it was part of the winning strategy! When they found a house they loved, Mike reached out to the seller’s agent to build a good relationship and ask specific questions about what was most important to the seller. From those conversations, Mike was able to submit an offer that was particularly favorable, giving his buyers the upper hand.

The process went smoothly, ending with a win-win result, all because of strong communication. Be sure to look for this hallmark of a professional agent when shopping around for representation.   

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