Announcing Our New Social Responsibility Program: DMAR Gives

Denver Metro Association of Realtors® announced DMAR Gives social responsibility program will now begin to accept applications for housing-related program support.

DENVER – JULY 20, 2022 – Denver Metro Association of Realtors® (DMAR) an organization comprised of over 8,000 real estate professionals and The Voice of Real Estate® in the Denver Metro area, announced it will now begin to accept applications for program support through its DMAR Gives charitable foundation.

Founded in January 2022 by the DMAR Board of Directors and DMAR Gives Committee as part of the CAR Foundation Charitable Fund program, DMAR Gives is a social responsibility program that envisions a Denver Metro community in which everyone has access to stable housing, equality in the homebuying process and support in achieving self-sufficiency in life.

DMAR Gives will provide funding to programs that improve the quality of life for Coloradans and create a path towards stable housing and homeownership, as well as housing-related disaster relief in the communities where our members live and work.

Funding requests provided by written application will be considered by the DMAR Gives Committee. Funding decisions will be based on the annual budget, available funds, scale of impact and whether the request falls within the Mission Statement and Giving Policy of DMAR Gives. Organizations that receive a grant are required to submit a report that confirms that the funds granted were used for the intended purpose and provide impact data. Initial grants are one year in duration.

“As good stewards of the Association's money, DMAR has recently made moves to better control expenses and costs,” said Mike Papantonakis, DMAR Past Chair and Member of the DMAR Gives Committee. “These moves offered us the opportunity to create and provide seed money for DMAR Gives. The foundation is designed to accomplish two things: provide assistance to disaster relief and contribute to housing-related 501(c)(3) charities in our area. We had the plan to set up this foundation late last year when the Marshall fire disaster occurred and were able to give $15,000 to help those victims. We are now focussing our efforts on fundraising and gathering grant requests from eligible charities. We are excited to have the opportunity to make a real difference in the communities where our members live and work.”

Since January, the program has already reached $100,000 in seed funding. For more information on the program and eligibility, please visit the DMAR Gives landing page or Follow the latest updates from the Denver Metro Association of Realtors® on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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