Are You Interested in Leading Your Industry?

DMAR is seeking leaders to attend the 2022 CAR Leadership Academy. Deadline to apply is Saturday, November 27th. If you are selected, you might also be chosen as one of the three Realtor® members who receive a scholarship from DMAR!

Do you want to attend the 2022 Colorado Association of Realtors® (CAR) Leadership Academy?

CAR Leadership Academy is an exclusive four-month training and development program designed to nurture future association leaders. It is focused on further developing participants’ leadership and association knowledge.

This program is best for members ready to begin their Leadership Journey and those who have some background knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. 

CAR’s Leadership Academy begins in January and concludes in April. Participants are required to attend monthly sessions listed on the Leadership Academy Agenda. Attendance to all events is required and included in a one-time fee of $450. Member is responsible for travel, lodging, meals, and all incidental expenses to attend events.
As a member of the Leadership Academy, you will experience:

  • Small Group Meetings With Past And Current CAR Leadership To Give You Inside Knowledge Of The Organization’s Vision And The Challenges Of Leadership.
  • Refine Your Presentation Skills And Gain Media Training.
  • Broaden Your Understanding Of Federal Policy Initiatives That Strengthen The Ability Of Americans To Own, Buy And Sell Real Estate.
  • Develop Leadership Skills To Be Applied At The Association Level And In Your Career.

By becoming a member of the CAR Leadership Academy, you will gain the skills to transform connections into involvement and action. Realtor® members who would like to strengthen their leadership abilities and who are passionate about the industry are encouraged to apply.

The program is limited to 16 participants.

Apply Here

Deadline to apply: Saturday, November 27

Admission decisions will be disclosed on December 18.

*DMAR will be awarding up to three (3) applicants a scholarship for the CAR Leadership Academy upon acceptance.