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A lot of potential buyers and sellers are wracked with anxiety in this market, particularly because word of the historic challenges is all that is talked about. What isn't talked about so much is the sheer volume of successful transactions happening every day. No doubt, these victors had their own share of obstacles, but with patience, determination and, of course, the expertise of a good Realtor®️, they realized their dreams.

We're looking for stories that demonstrate how your expertise helped them overcome a unique challenge.

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“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”

Beth Comstock, American business executive, Former CMO & Vice Chair of GE

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Market ‘Unpredictability’ Forces Zillow Offers to Fold
Zillow Offers was once one of the largest instant offer firms in the iBuying sector, but the “unpredictability in forecasting home prices” is prompting it to shutter that arm of its business for good. KeyBanc analyst Edward Yruma told MarketWatch that most of the homes that the company had recently purchased were now worth less than what it paid for them. Of 650 homes analyzed by Yruma, he says the markets with the most homes listed below the purchase price that Zillow Offers bought from are in Phoenix, Charlotte, N.C., and Las Vegas. Read More

Freddie Mac spurs landlords to report on-time rent payments
Freddie Mac wants to encourage multifamily landlords to report positive rental payments to the credit bureaus to give renters a better shot at qualifying for a mortgage. The government-sponsored enterprise will provide closing cost credits on multifamily loans for rental landlords who agree to report on-time rental payments through Esusu Financial. Esusu, a credit-building fintech, will deliver the on-time rental payment reports from landlords’ property management software to the credit bureaus. Freddie Mac negotiated discounted fees for Esusu’s services. Read More

Construction worker shortage has reached “crisis” levels
For career switchers looking for a new path that doesn’t necessarily require a college degree, they could do worse than the building trades. To keep pace with current construction demand, and account for attrition, 740,000 new construction workers are needed each year for the next three years, a report by the Home Builders Institute contends. Read More

From summer heat to autumn chill, metro Denver housing market continues to cool down
Sales of single-family homes and condos fell 8.3% to 5,169 between September and October and they are down by a fifth from October 2020. But that slower pace of closings didn’t translate into a higher supply of unsold homes lingering on the market. The inventory of 3,376 homes and condos at the end of last month represents a 15% decline from September and a 30% decline from October 2020. Read More

New report: Seasonal trends mean struggling homebuyers might have an open door to buy
“It has been a tough year. Realtors® have had to constantly re-strategize, buyers have felt demoralized and sellers have had to move, which is an obstacle in and of itself,” Abrams wrote. “Even through this hard process, there is much to be thankful for. There have been more homes purchased year-to-date than years past, seasonal effects have re-opened the door for those that previously felt demoralized from the buying process, and we are moving into ski season. If you are a buyer, stick with it. There are gaps of buyer demand leading into the holiday season.” Read More

The Market Is Slowing. So Why Are You Exhausted? | Guest Post
Comparatives are funny because they can tell any story you want. Market slowing down? I have a story for that. Market still nuts? Yep, we can capture that too. The idea real estate is hyper-local is at its epitome in times like these. Read More

DMAR Real Estate Market Trends Report | NOV. '21
In a year of continued turbulence, October represented a month of relative ease in the bumpy Denver real estate market, signaling gratitude across the housing industry. Across the board, the majority of statistics were seasonally consistent with what Denver has seen in years past, boding well for more households having the ability to host a Thanksgiving dinner. With prices staying consistent month-over-month, the door has opened for buyers that were previously exhibiting burnout in the home search process. Read More

[INFOGRAPHIC] Market Trends Overview | NOVEMBER '21
Download the November Market Trends Report infographic. This is a great resource to share with your clients and colleagues on social media, your website or via email or even print. Read More

Digging Deeper: October 2021 Records
October 2021 was yet another record-breaking month. Although no all-time records were broken, we still saw many October records set this year. In this report, the DMAR Market Trends Committee examined the various records broken in this month. Read More

Digging Deeper: Year-to-Date Zip Code Report
The DMAR Market Trends Committee examined the year-over-year changes in average close price, median close price, number of closed transactions and days in MLS by zip code. Read More

Resources & services

DMAR Connect: The Business Benefits of Giving Back | November 11
For real estate professionals, giving back to your community or your favorite local charity is a great way to not only strengthen your connection to your market but also build a brand that values philanthropy. And as you gear up for 2022 and draft your updated business plan, now is the perfect time to include philanthropic goals as well as a strategy for how to share your good work with the world. Join us for our November Connect as we discuss how and why to include philanthropic goals in your business plan and how those activities can strengthen your business in 2022 and beyond. Register 

(New Agent? Sign up for the Meet + Mastermind on the same topic on November 16th) Register

Frequently Asked Questions: Clear Cooperation Policy
The Clear Cooperation rule brings benefits to brokers, Realtors®, appraisers, and consumers—everyone. It reinforces the consumer benefit of cooperation and ensures MLSs are an efficient and transparent marketplace that is pro-competitive and pro-consumer. The MLS allows the greatest widespread exposure of relevant, comprehensive inventory and the most accurate data. Having all listings in the MLS gives buyers fair and equal access to all properties, which limits brokerage exposure to potential Fair Housing violations. It also means sellers can count on their property being marketed to the largest pool of potential buyers and real estate professionals, helping to ensure they receive the highest and best offer or the offer with the most favorable terms. Read More

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