Monthly Roundup August: DMAR in the News

Our Association caught the attention of several major media outlets this month including NAR, Denver Business Journal, Denver Post, AXIOS, Westword, Denver Gazette, 9News, Denverite, Denver7, 5280, CBS and The Daily Camera.


NAR’s REACH Labs Makes First Multi-Association Alliance

Chicagoland Realtor® associations and a multiple listing service are teaming up to bring more real estate tech innovations to its members, billed as the first multi-association and MLS to form a REACH Labs program. REACH Labs is a National Association of Realtors® program that identifies and showcases innovative early-stage startups that relate to the real estate industry, including in the areas of mortgage finance, home services, insurance and more. Read More

Denver Business Journal

Is Denver's housing market finally starting to favor buyers?

Compared to last July, the market this July increased by 11%, but prices saw a decline of 3.33% from this June. This decline, along with interest rates that have also decreased, has created an environment more friendly to Denver’s home shoppers. Read More

Denver Post

Denver housing market pendulum swinging quickly toward buyers

Metro Denver’s housing market has quickly shifted from a strong seller’s market to neutral and could end up solidly in the buyer’s camp by the middle of next year, if not sooner, according to a new index from real estate financial tech firm Knock. “Denver is now a neutral market. Prices are getting softer. We think it is headed to a buyer’s market,” said Sean Black, co-founder and CEO of Knock, a New York-based “Power Buyer” that helps consumers make cash offers on homes. Read More

Metro Denver’s housing market starting second half of year on a cold note

There were 4,279 homes and condos sold in July, down 21.2% from June and 31.6% compared to July 2021. The number of active listings rose 21.5% from June to 7,361, an increase of 81.5% year over year. There were more than twice as many homes available at the end of July as at the end of April. Read More


Denver real estate market shifting in buyers' favor

The number of homes on the market in July topped 7,300 — a 22% increase from June and a 81% spike from a year ago, according to the association's latest market trends report set for release today. Read More


Metro Denver Still a Seller's Market (for Now), Realtors Say

While the $635,000 median price for Denver area homes during July is down 1.7 percent from June, that figure is 10 percent higher than it was at this time last year. And the average July sale price of $756,778 is also up more than 10 percent on a year-over-year basis. Read More

Least Expensive Houses for Sale in Denver Right Now

There's evidence of relief at the lower end of the market, too, even though many of the least expensive houses available as of today, August 29, are major fixer-uppers being pitched as rental properties rather than places where buyers might actually like to live. Read More

Denver Zip Codes Where Home Prices Went Up the Most

According to data assembled by DMAR's market-trends committee, 25 of the ninety metro-area zip codes tracked by the organization saw price hikes of at least 20 percent during the first six months of 2022 compared to the median price last year, and one was over 30 percent. Read More

Denver Gazette

Report: Metro Denver's home sales market shifting a bit toward buyers

The report shows the average closing price for single-family homes and condominiums stood at $690,935 in July — down 3.33% from June, but still up a healthy 11.04% from July 2021. The median sales price dropped 2.46% from June to $595,000 in July. Read More


Denver housing market: Luxury listings are down [Video]


Want to sell a Denver home? It’s harder than it was a few months back — good news for buyers

The median close price — that’s the middle number between all final sales prices — dropped 2.45% to $595,000 from the end of June to the end of July. Prices are still 11.04% higher than they were at this time last year. Read More


In the market for a new home? Denver’s July housing report shows things are cooling off

If you’ve been on the market for a new home but haven’t been able to beat all-cash offers from investors or other buyers, things may soon work in your favor. While we may not be there quite yet, Denver’s July housing report shows the market is shifting away from a seller’s to a buyer’s market. Read More


Why a Viral Post of Denver Landlords Raising Rent Is Fueling the Fight for More Renters’ Rights

Rent has skyrocketed around the country this year, and Denver is no exception. The metro area currently has the highest average rents of any major city in the so-called fly-over states, according to a June report from, and we might even lose that caveat soon. Read More


'It's advantage buyer a little bit': Report shows housing market in Denver cooling off

When Jillian Reich moved to Denver from New York she wasn't sure how long she would stay. "I don't know if I'm going to be here for a while. I'm not sure, I don't know if this is like, really where I want to stay, let me figure it out for a little bit," she said. Read More

The Daily Camera

Guest opinion: Michael Fields: No end in sight for housing affordability crisis

With interest rates on the rise and at least 2,000 fewer homes on the market today compared to three years ago according to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors®, Colorado’s housing affordability crisis is far from over. Our residents have every right to be concerned. Not to mention the looming recession on the horizon has created even more uncertainty in the market. Read More