Real Estate Leads for New Agents | Guest Post

Here are 12 tips for new agents to generate leads
Steven Pastores

As a new real estate agent, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to looking for leads. It takes some time and effort but will become easier once you become accustomed to it. You’ll learn what works best for you and will be able to grow your business as you gain leads.

Try the following 12 methods for getting real estate leads to help get your business up and running:

  1. Remind family and friends about your profession. As you work to build your career, take time to remind your family and friends that you’re available to help people who need the help of a real estate agent. Even if they don’t need your services at the moment, they may in the future or they may know someone else who does.  
  2. Exchange contact information with the people you do business with. The people you do business with every day – from the owner of the restaurant you eat at every week or property managers who review rental applications – are all potential leads. Talk to them about what you do and how you can help them or other people they know.  
  3. Meet new people. Expand your network by getting out and about in your community. Volunteer, join your local chamber of commerce, take a class you’re interested in and meet your neighbors. As you talk to them and form friendly relationships, you’ll find that people are often happy to provide referrals or may need your help buying or selling a home.  
  4. Sponsor a local event. Offer to sponsor or co-sponsor a local event such as a fun run or an animal shelter adoption event. In exchange for money to help with expenses, you can set up a table to meet people and pass along your contact information. Pick an event you’re passionate about, and you’ll find it even easier to connect with people who are attending.   
  5. Reach out to FSBOs. Homeowners sometimes try to sell their homes without the help of a real estate agent. These are known as FSBO (for sale by owner) homes, and they usually sell for less than homes that are sold with the help of real estate agents. In addition, after trying to sell their homes themselves, many owners become frustrated by the process and are ready for some help. Look online, in newspapers and for yard signs for FSBO homes so you can reach out to their owners and explain your services.  
  6. Give a free seminar. Choose a topic that you feel comfortable sharing your knowledge about and lead a free seminar at a local library or community center. You could, for example, talk about becoming a first-time homeowner or downsizing. This can help establish your expertise and get your name out in the community while getting some leads.  
  7. Partner with related businesses. Contact other professionals who help with home selling, such as mortgage brokers, insurance agents and real estate attorneys. Make sure they have a good reputation and partner with them to exchange leads.  
  8. Reward your referral sources. When people give you solid referrals, maintain that relationship by sending them a handwritten note and a small gift card. This allows you to thank them for their help and makes it likely that they will continue to refer real estate leads to you in the future.  
  9. Establish a website. Set up a website for your services so prospective contacts can find you online. It can include your current listings, positive reviews, blogs that relate to home ownership and a contact form. Include its URL on your social media sites as well as your promotional materials so potential clients will have an easy way to find and contact you.  
  10. Advertise on social media sites. With only a small budget, you can advertise on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Use them to publicize a listing or lead people to your website or social media site as you target a specific demographic. After a month or two, evaluate your responses to determine whether either site is worth your continued investment.  
  11. Contact relevant podcasts, websites and local media. Establish yourself as an expert by contacting relevant podcasts, websites and local media to tout your availability as a source for real estate-related topics. By being available, engaging and knowledgeable, you can establish yourself as a go-to source that will help build your professional reputation and result in real estate leads.  
  12. Wear your nametag when you're out in public. Keep your nametag on when you’re dressed professionally and are going to the store or are running another errand. You never know when someone will spot your nametag, approach you and say they’re interested in selling their home or ask you a question about that new subdivision that’s being built down the street.

With all of the lead generation tactics, tried or true and untapped, it can be difficult to know where to start. Finding the right mix of outreach strategies will take time and practice, so don't be afraid to try something new.


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