No on Carmen Court Hostile Designation

Several months ago, three activists filed a landmark designation application against the consent of the seven property owners at Carmen Court Condominiums located on the corner of Emerson Street and First Avenue. Instead of putting their own skin in the game, the activists crowdfunded the $875 application fee and are attempting to jeopardize the future of the Carmen Court owners. Unlike Tom’s Diner, these condos are personal property and represent the only major asset for the seven individuals involved. 

If Denver City Council votes to landmark designate the property, the seven condo owners would be unable to sell their private property for its true value, something that would cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars each and prevent these very modest individuals (single mothers, teachers, artists, hospice volunteers) from retiring. Try to imagine an individual you don’t know, costing you decades of hard work while taking your only major asset after refusing to put up their own money for the application. Needless to say, the landmark process is as inequitable as it gets. 

So, how can you help these seven homeowners and protect their property rights? 

On Monday, November 2nd, Denver City Council will likely decide whether to landmark designate Carmen Court. Whether you live in Denver or not, it’s critical Mayor Hancock and City Council hear from you. If you’re interested in protecting these owners and their future, please contact Peter Wall, DMAR’s Director of Government Affairs, for content and directions on outreach to the Mayor and City Council.  

Together we can protect these owners and defeat this frivolous landmark designation application. 

Peter Wall,
DMAR’s Director of Government Affairs | 303-880-7405