Down on Luck? Create Your Own!

with Peter Cerf with Cerf and Associates

Libbys Story

If you’re feeling down on your luck, look for any opportunity to become more competitive. Here’s a success story for you.

Dan and Lauren were a highly-qualified young couple looking to break out of renting and into a single-family home. The problem was… they weren’t alone. It seemed like every showing was bookended by other millennial couples vying for the same property. Offer after offer, they were beat out by others who had more appealing offers including all-cash bids and large down payments. Their Realtor®, Peter Cerf, knew he had to do whatever he could to make his clients more competitive. As they had been losing out to cash offers, he researched programs that would help THEM submit cash offers – and it worked! While this helped them get closer to each win, there were still so many buyers left to beat out. But a good Realtor® is prepared and knows not every pending offer makes it to the closing table. Thanks to the strength of their offer and some proactive communication, Dan and Lauren were the next choices when the original accepted offer fell through at inspection. It took some time and a lot of patience, but their persistence and creative problem solving got them in a home a month ahead of their deadline! Moral of the story? Working with a Realtor® pays off.

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