Stef Shock’s Master Advice on Lead Conversion

Stef Shock went from broke to power broker. How did she do it? She took control of her conversations with clients using this one simple trick...

September 21, 2018

If you heard Stef Shock speak at our last YPN Connect, you probably already feel a lot more confident talking to clients and closing sales. For those of you who missed the presentation, we can help you by summarizing the advice Stef shared with us on how to control a conversation and create a presence as a confident, knowledgeable leader.

Ask Questions.

It seems so simple, but it’s how Stef went “from broke to power broker.” It’s the strategy that propelled her from a basement apartment in Queens to a luxury yacht in the Bahamas.

So why questions? If you are the person asking the questions, it puts you in control of the flow of the conversation; you are leading the discussion.

Being the master of questions puts you in a position of power not only because it allows you to steer the conversation where you want it, but it also positions you as the person making the decisions. If you make the prospective client feel as though they are being interviewed, suddenly their mindset shifts from “Will I choose this agent?” to “Will I get to work with this agent?”

Stef says there is one question that should become a knee-jerk reflex: “How long have you been looking?”

“This question has made me so much money,” she explained. This starts the conversation off by gathering client information, screening them for readiness and, of course, puts YOU in the driver’s seat of the conversation.

From there, keep them talking. Some people will naturally run off telling you every detail about their experience. In this case, just make sure you keep them talking about relevant information. If their mind wanders, pull them back on track by asking a follow-up question. If they give a short, simple answer, dig deeper. Get them to elaborate by (you got it) asking another question.

As you are driving this discussion, there is a path you want to stay on. Start with the PAST, move to the PRESENT and end with the FUTURE. Start with questions like “What has your experience been like?” and “What have you seen on your search?” Move to questions like “Are you currently working with a REALTOR®?” and “Why do you want to move?” Finally, close with questions like “Where do you want to live?” and “Would you like to speak with my lender about a lone?” If they try taking the conversation to a stage you aren’t ready for, bring them back.

It’s not all about power, of course. Answering questions make people feel listened to, appreciated and understood. When you understand your client, you can better serve them, which is what really makes a great agent, anyway.

Flip the Script is a course by Stef Shock which you can find here. Stef Shock can be your career coach and help you unlock your full potential as a confident, successful REALTOR®. 

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