Tamara Kleinberg | Innovation Champion & Keynote Speaker

Tamara Kleinberg is an innovation champion.

There’s a reason Tamara Kleinberg is a nationally acclaimed speaker and wildly successful business owner. She shakes up the status quo by inspiring people not just to do better, but to become better. She encourages people to be the best version of themselves by building on their unique strengths. Tamara understands the day-to-day difficulties of entrepreneurial success. She’s been driving growth and innovation for multiple decades and she brings her real world perspective to every speaking engagement, so that you can implement her ideas in your life right away.

The key ingredient in Tamara’s recipe for success is The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment. This short assessment collects and analyzes information to identify your unique innovation style. You'll learn how to maximize your own strengths to perform at your peak, bring innovative ideas to the table, be a high-value member of your team and create game-changing results.

As Tamara herself explains:

“Innovation, particularly in today’s hyperspeed, ever-changing crazy world that we live in is the competitive advantage. It’s what we have that can help us not just get ahead but stand out and maintain that competitive advantage.”

Tamara is our keynote speaker for the "Drive. Manage. Innovate." three-part series, and the IQE will be available to all who attend her segment, “Innovate,” on May 26.

You can reserve your ticket here.

Enjoy this exclusive video Tamara made for DMAR as you prepare for the exciting event: