Top 5 Reasons to Use SentriSmart

One of the biggest concerns facing everyone involved in real estate is security. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, broker or REALTOR®, the last thing you want is people gaining access to private spaces without your consent or knowledge.

SentriSmart recognizes that desire for security and marries it to modern technology in a way that’s simple to use. Here are the top five reasons to incorporate SentriSmart into your business today:

  1. Easy access. SentriSmart beats the old fob and key method in a big way by allowing you to open lockboxes with your tablet or smartphone. No additional devices required means a less bulky key chain and fewer codes to remember.

  2. Instant feedback. Get up-to-the-minute showing notifications and hear people’s impressions more quickly–and quick reactions lead to more sales.

  3. One-day codes. Have you ever needed to give someone access to a property suddenly, or for a short period of time? One-day access codes allow you to give secure access to  non-card users, out-of-area agents, and contractors. It’s a faster and easier way to get property exposure with extra security.

  4. View access log. This is a big reason to think about SentriSmart, with the influx of safety and property concerns around the holidays. Now you can know who showed your property and when.

  5. Trusted source. SentriSmart is a technology from SentriLock, the secure access company 100% owned by the National Association of REALTORS®. You can relax knowing that the security is in good hands.

 An easier system, modern technology, and faster  feedback all set SentriSmart apart. Do you think you’ll incorporate this into your business? If not, what are some reasons you prefer to stick with your current method?