Why RPAC Matters

REALTORS® Political Action Committee

RPAC consists of invested funds from REALTOR® members who are interested in protecting real estate interests and property rights. RPAC helps support candidates and issues on all levels of government. The Committee is nonpartisan, supporting above all else REALTOR® interests.

Whether exposing and tackling issues that could negatively affect the real estate industry, monitoring hot topics as they develop, or conducting in-depth research on bills and proposals, RPAC takes an active role in legislation. Voluntary investments from people like you go towards identifying and assisting candidates who care about real estate issues. From federal elections to the thousands of bills introduced in each session of Colorado State Legislature, RPAC is there defending the future of your business. In partnership with DMAR, RPAC enables members to support candidates that protect property rights, promote and defend homeownership, work for tax reforms and reduce burdensome regulations on your business.