Five Things Realtors® Can Do for Black History Month

February is Black History Month, which is why now is the perfect time to talk about how we as real estate professionals can help fight racial injustice and support the Black community. It may sometimes seem impossible for one individual to make a meaningful change, but as Realtors® you are leaders in your community and that’s where change starts. Here are five things Realtors® can do to support the Black community:

Know your history.

Of course, if you're going to educate others, you must first educate yourself. The better we understand how we got here, the better we can reverse the damage it has caused. DMAR's Diversity Resources page is a great place to find helpful information that you can read and share with your network. 

Push for policy change.

From new zoning ordinances and loan products to new credit scoring systems and systems for measuring value in Black communities, there are plenty of ways we can rethink how our system works to be more equitable for all. Know about key issues and get involved however you can.

Hire to reflect your community.

One way to promote fairness and diversity in your workplace is to ensure your staff reflects the demographics of your community. Denver is approximately ten percent Black, which means at least ten percent of your staff should also be Black. Not only will this help bring diversity, inclusion and equity to your business, but it will also help you better serve your community. 

Support Black-owned businesses in your community.

Whether you are shopping for your real estate needs or beyond, choosing a Black-owned business is a great way to help the black community thrive in an institution that systematically imposes unfair obstacles. Offering your business is an important way to help keep black entrepreneurs in business and close the wealth gap

Raise awareness among your fellow agents.

One of the easiest things any of us can do to take a stand is to not stay silent or impartial. Speaking up and sharing information is how truth is revealed. The more people understand where and how racial disparity exists in our industry and beyond, the quicker change will happen. One notoriously difficult topic is implicit bias. This topic gets people quite defensive, so it is most well-received when taught by a trusted friend or colleague.