Your Safety is Non-Negotiable

September 4, 2019

September is REALTOR® Safety Month, so if there’s ever a time we ask for you to give safety your full attention, it’s now.

In loving memory of Beverly Carter, a REALTOR® who was kidnapped and murdered while showing one of her listings, please take a moment to watch the video below from her son, who has made it his mission to spread awareness on REALTOR® safety.

It’s easy to think these tragedies will never happen to you, but that thinking drops your guard, making you an easier target. Your safety must be your highest priority at all times.

So what can you do to protect yourself in this high-risk occupation?

These 56 safety tips could save your life, so give them a thorough review! Some are a good reminder of common sense while others may surprise you a bit. These often very simple preventative precautions will be your most reliable means to keep yourself out of dangerous situations.

We are also hosting a REALTOR® Safety Workshop on September 17th at DMAR HQ (worth 2 CE credits). This goes beyond your simple dos and don’ts. This is an interactive, upbeat and fascinating workshop which is also vitally important to REALTOR® safety.

And remember, SentriLock includes an agent safety feature and keeps your clients keys secure. Even by using the app alone, you can launch the Agent Safety Feature which will alert your emergency contacts in you are unable to verify your safety within a set time. Download the SentriKey® app now and/or give us a call to arrange a time to get your free lockbox set up for you.

Stay safe out there – you are never powerless!