Kelly Swindell

CAR Director and Denver Realtor®

Business Expertise: Suburban homes, downtown condos and historical neighborhoods

Why are you a DMAR Leader?: I feel it's important in this market to highlight and elevate the necessity of a real estate professional. We need to improve the public's perception of agents, strengthen professional education opportunities, and focus on bringing compassion and empathy back to the real estate transaction. DMAR is the ideal conduit to accomplish this and I am proud to be one of its leaders.

Community Volunteer Work:  I believe volunteering is a life-long activity and how we volunteer changes as our life situation does. Historically, I've served as a mentor for CSU alumni, President of the PTA for my children's elementary school, co-leader of a girl scout troop, committee member of a fund-raising foundation, and as a member of the community improvement team. Currently, I focus on individual causes, helping my local community. For example, just this week, I donated to an Arvada resident who was recently paralyzed, to the funeral costs for a vet tech who passed away unexpectedly and cat liter and cat food to a girl scout troop.