2023 Year-to-Date Zip Code Report

The DMAR Market Trends Committee examined data by zip code from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

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Median Close Price:

  • Zip code 80230 (Lowry) took the lead with a notable 20.3 percent increase, although the small transaction volume (123) played a role. The average change for 80230 was 8.8 percent.

  • Among 90 metro zip codes, only 27 witnessed a rise in median closed prices, one remained unchanged and 62 recorded a drop.

  • 80203 (Speer, Capitol Hill and North Capitol Hill) reported the largest decline at 12.4 percent, particularly noticeable in downtown areas. 

 Average Close Price:

  • 80113 (Cherry Hills, Logan Park and Broadway Heights) saw a remarkable 43.3 percent increase in average price. Notably, the median price increased by a smaller 7.1 percent, reflecting the impact of high-priced "Trophy Properties" in this area.

Number of Closed Transactions:

  • 80125 experienced a substantial 33.4 percent increase in closed transactions, driven by development, especially Sterling Ranch.

  • Only five zip codes saw more transactions in 2023, primarily due to new developments, while 85 witnessed declines.

  • 80210 (Sheridan and River Point) faced the largest drop (34.2 percent) in closed transactions.

  Average Days in MLS:

  • 80002 (Appleridge Estates, Arvada Plaza and Olde Town Arvada) saw the most substantial increase at 200 percent (13 to 39 days).

  • 80202 (Downtown and LoDo) reported the lengthiest selling time, averaging 58 days.


In summary, while downtown areas faced challenges, affluent neighborhoods and specific zip codes showcased notable resilience and positive trends in various aspects of the real estate market. Keep an eye on these trends for a deeper understanding of the evolving Denver housing landscape.